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in time. in quality.
in motion.

in motion.

hello world. hello innovation.

in motion.

We merge complex processes in automation with perfect construction in metal tecnologiy. “Since our establishment in early 90s as Neumann Automation, we have remained true the idea of ’bringing innovation to our customers’ through our slogan ’Hello world, Hello innovation’. We have been endorsed by many clients because ot the success of our innovation in areas such as automation, testing and future-oriented technologies. tectomove has entered a new era as a family driven private company beginning with our breakthrough in 2017 with the acquisition by unittem group. To support our as well international activities and on the way of our growth we have renamed – you can call us ’tectomove’.“

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Excellent services and the highest quality
for over 25 years.

Rooted locally,
but globally connected.

_ Our markets.

Continually making sure that high precision is guaranteed: digitalization and globalization make process workflows even more critical, worldwide. tectomove has its finger on the pulse of innovation, continually scouting for future innovations. We offer flexibility in our solutions: interconnected locations assist in keeping an international focus without neglecting national markets.

The world keeps us in motion.

The big three

Your professional and flexible partners in important markets.


_ Automotive

Individual mobility and function innovations. Tangible customer experience. Continuous optimization of production costs and efficient supply chains. Lean production processes for semi and fully automated cells.

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_ Electronics

Large quantities with the highest standards. Maximum performance for even the smallest components. Extensive standardization and modularity provides diverse opportunities to retrofit products.

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_ Medicine

Unique demands and requirements. Certified and validated. Non-disruptive testing processes for microtechnology guarantees excellent quality. Feedback into the production field.

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_ Additional markets

General engineering
Tool engineering
Plant engineering
Air-conditioning technology
Food industry
Vehicle construction
apparatus engineering
packaging industry
Solar-/environmental technology
Plastics industry
Printing industry
Domestic engineering

Process meets technology

Seemless workflow solutions

Reach your goal effortlessly, without getting caught up in obstacles along the way – we thrive for smooth workflows. tectomove ensures your product passes through every stage of the production chain, with ease and care and schieving the best outcome for you.



Collaborating in the product development Production optimization Adding value in the production process.



Flexibility in merging the tray handling process for loading and unloading.



Facilitate valuable resources Use complex and intricate components, including flexible and fragile components Assembly – linear, rotary machines, robots etc.


Testing, verifying.

All applicable performance tests Flow and seal testing Rotation testing High voltage testing Optical, tactual and electrical High resolution visual testing Completeness testing Quality testing.

Dispensing, hardening,

Dispensing, hardening, welding.

Gluing, Greasing, Liquid metering, UV hardening, Thermal hardening, Laser welding, Ultrasound welding, Synthetic welding, Resistance welding.

Forming, stamping, water jet cutting.

Forming, stamping, water jet cutting.

Pressing, Material stamping, Riveting, Joining. Water jet cutting works well with shaping of sheet, but also with other challenging materials for highest standards.



With our bending machine we can bend metal. That is an additional option in functionality and design of machine casings or metal components.


Chamfering, bending.

Chamfering of metal sheets usualy takes place in free bending process. The chamfered parts can be formed with variant materials and height.

Other unique processes.

Other unique processes.

Spool winding, Coating, Magnetization, Soldering, Press-in technology.

Labelling, imprinting.

Labelling, imprinting.

Thermal transfer, Ink jet, Buffer, Laser, Labelling with existing ERP systems.

Assembling, integration.

Assembling, integration.

Of complex external, production systems, EOL tests.


Data Management.

Data collection, 100% traceability, Evaluation, Synchronization with existing ERP systems.

One step ahead.

Industrie 4.0
for a future-oriented today.

Digitally Intergrated
Minimizes implementation times and errors by utilizing visualization in the digital world. Speeding up engineering. Single production sequences using financial criteria.

Smart Data
Complete saving and analyzing of machine and production data – on local hard drives, company networks, or public clouds.

Human-machine Interaction
Goal oriented interaction for improving safety and production efficiency, reducing standstills and production downtimes.

Customized Modularization
Precise harmonization of plant functions. Customized solutions ensuring investment security. One-stop shop for know-how.

Continuous Service
Monitoring and process analysis for all relevant KPIs.

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Intelligent process management and Industry 4.0.

Our core business focuses on the construction and design of automation and testing technology solutions by providing integrated labelling and compliance solutions, including system concepts with integrated trouble shooting capabilities, compliance with industry 4.0 provisions, supervision for step in the production process – we make the impossible possible.

Quality focused.

Add value in an efficient way without delays: tectomove has extensive experience in testing and inspection. Our solutions detect material flaws during the assembly process – allowing our customers to track and test parts without losing valuable time. Does every completed piece leaving the assembly meet your requirements? We can verify this for you!

Flexibility when it matters.

Does your automation process deviate from your standards? You can count on us. tectomove provides flexible solutions for sophisticated tasks requiring less time. We will take on the documentation tasks for your testing technology – you will have the needed information in no time. Do you require a customized solution? With years of expertise, we can resolve your worries.

All-out reliability.

Good company performance will become visible only when it matters. We have the right services for all stages in the asset and machinery life cycle. The Retrofit program from tectomove will make your outdated machinery more efficient, productive and durable. Interested in updating your aging production lines? We will take care of that!

Turnkey solutions.

At tectomove, we have extensive experience in developing customized solutions. Furthermore, our core competences make us a perfect partner for integration of systems and production facilities and incorporating them into a single turnkey process, You can count on us as a top supplier of tested and proven solutions for One-Piece-Flow or lean management.

Intelligent process management and Industry 4.0.
Quality focused.
Flexibility when it matters.
All-out reliability.
Turnkey solutions.

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